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Committed Project Management Team

Moving your operation or machines can go smoothly with the project management team at Manufacturing Services Associates, Inc. at your side. Based out of Fort Waye, Indiana, we provide a complete package of services designed to provide turnkey solutions for your machinery or factory moving needs. We are your resource for in-plant moves, machinery moves within the United States, and moves to or from overseas locations. Owner Ken Klausing has over 20 years of personal experience and is ready to discuss your project at any time.

International Efficiency

Manufacturing Services Associates, Inc. can help businesses around the globe settle into and prepare for their next manufacturing operation. Companies have sought MSA and our associates to help with machinery moves to and from Canada, Mexico, Europe, Brazil and the US. We have also prepared and shipped machines to China and India as well as other countries where we disassembled and packaged for shipment but did not reinstall.

Diverse Service

Past experience, Manufacturing Services Associates, Inc. disassembled lines machinery in the US. We then provided packaging, transport overseas, and reassembly with start-up in another country. We have also moved lines or machines from other countries to the US where we have disconnected, disassembled, prepared for shipment, arranged shipment to the US, then received the machines and reinstalled them and assisted with the start-up

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