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Qualified Associates & Electrical Contractors

Simplify your supplier base when you contract with Manufacturing Services Associates, Inc. You will have access to proven professional companies, many with 20 or more years of experience in handling the type of work you need to be completed. We maintain and are constantly adding to a base of experienced riggers, industrial electricians, mechanical contractors, logistic companies, craters, and others relevant to your project. Manufacturing Services Associates, Inc. (MSA) brings this competitive and complete source of services to your project on a timely basis and with total commitment.

Machine Wrapping

Associate Services

Machinery Moving: Experienced associates and MSA's project management personnel are ready to take apart, reassemble, install, modify, or move one machine, line, or plant. These associates are located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

Electrical Installation/Upgrades: MSA associates in the USA and overseas have many years of experience handling all phases of electrical work. From disconnecting a machine to installing electrical services and, in some cases, programming, these specialists are ready to travel with your equipment for seamless transition of disconnection and reconnection from shut down to start up.

Piping/Mechanical Services: These skilled companies provide project-specific services, including standard piping as well as high pressure, stainless, and explosion-proof piping. They also bring mechanical services, movement, and installation of all types of conveying systems to your project. MSA works with and associates with companies through-out the USA and around the world.

Fabrications and Weldments: These associates fabricate as needed from simple frames to stainless steel exhaust systems built to your specifications. These services are available as one part of a complete-project for one source contracting.

Export Packaging/Shipping: These licensed associates package your machines and equipment for safe international transport, including ocean shipment. We can use local, qualified export craters or bring one of our experienced packagers to your project. These are contractors familiar with shipping and material needs for securely packaging small to very large machines, and familiar with the requirements of the importing countries.

Contact us today to enlist MSA's enthusiastic team of licensed and professional contractors to help you make the transition of equipment go smoothly.